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SimmerShield is the lightest, most compact, and most efficient way to make hot food and drinks in the backcountry.

SimmerShield is for people who want to carry the smallest and lightest stove system on their big (or small) adventures.

In trade, it requires a bit more skill and a tiny amount of extra patience to operate.

We think so, yes!

As long as you take the weight of your fuel and fuel containers into account, this is the lightest option (that we are aware of) for most trips.

We say “most trips” because a good alcohol stove can sometimes be slightly lighter if most of the following statements are true:

  • Your trip is very short (like a one-night weekender)
  • You use a good wind guard and shelter the stove from the wind
  • You operate the alcohol stove perfectly (always pour the exact right amount of fuel, never spill, etc.)
  • You use high-quality alcohol fuel


Windproof is quite a claim, and we won’t make it.  No adventure stove works very well on an exposed ridgeline in a howling gale.

SimmerShield performs better in the wind that a lot of other options, but for best performance you should still try your best to shelter it behind a windbreak (a shrub, log, rock, pack, your body, etc.) when possible.

A safety note: do not shelter it excessively in a way that could heat the fuel canister.


As long as you correctly operate your SimmerShield (at a low power setting, to produce a quiet flame) the top cozy will be just fine.  Another way to know your fuel valve setting is correct is that it should take 5-10 minutes to boil 500ml of water.  This throttle setting produces the best fuel efficiency.

If you are super hungry, or really need that cup of coffee in a hurry, then just remove the top cozy and crank up the heat.  This will be faster but use a bit of extra fuel.

SimmerShield can be as dangerous as any other canister stove.  Also, parts of it are somewhat sharp.

Make sure to review the safety warnings thoroughly before use, and always operate your SimmerShield with care and as specified in the instructions.

Mostly titanium.

SimmerShield is primarily made of titanium alloys for high strength, light weight, and outstanding corrosion resistance.

The cup holds 650 ml when filled completely to the brim.  You should only boil about 500 ml (2 cups) of water at a time to reduce the risk of a boil-over.


We recommended you pack your fuel can upside-down inside the cup to protect the spring fingers on the shield wall.  This is explained in detail in the instructions.

If you don’t pack your fuel can into the cup, it’s possible to damage the spring fingers on the shield wall with whatever else you pack in there instead.

When SimmerShield is packed up and ready to hit the trail, there is still about an inch of space available above the fuel canister, inside the cup.  Think hockey puck for size.  We usually keep a few small items inside of ours; such as a lighter, headlamp, small rag, small pot-scraper, or small folding knife.


We chose this burner because it produces a nice, stable flame even at very low throttle settings (which is really important for good efficiency.)  It’s also extremely light and compact.

A downsides of this burner (when used alone) is that its performance in windy conditions can be poor.  This isn’t an issue for SimmerShield.

You’re in the right place!  At this time, SimmerShield is available exclusively from this website.

We are currently set up for shipping to Canada and the US.

If you are outside of these areas, we’d love to try to ship one to you.  Please contact us and we’ll give it our best shot (we’re still new at this.)


We offer checkout in either Canadian dollars (CAD) or US dollars (USD).  Check out our Payments / Currency Policy for more details.

We put a lot of thought into this.  We want you to be happy!  But the idea of getting a sudden return request months after a sale is pretty scary for a tiny company like us.  We settled on a 30 day return window, for a full refund minus a 10% restocking fee.  You can check out the details here.  We hope this is enough to solve any potential customer issues, since we are not (for example) selling clothing that might not fit, or anything like that.

We offer a 1 year warranty against manufacturing issues.  Details here.

We’re real people and would love to chat, please send us a note!

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